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Interdisciplinary UUCePP PhD Forum 2021

30 november 2021

On November 30th, the Utrecht University Centre for Public Procurement (UUCePP) will host its first interdisciplinary PhD Forum “Public Procurement for Societal Challenges”. The call for papers successfully brought the attention of an international group of 12 PhD candidates from different disciplines and approaches grouped in four thematic sessions that will present their recent work on public procurement.

This year’s theme: Public Procurement for Societal Challenges

The theme for the 2021 forum is ‘Public Procurement for Societal Challenges’. Undeniably, our society faces a wide range of issues, such as climate change, corruption, inequality, safety, to name a few. Procurement from the public sector involves more than 250.000 authorities in the European Union and around 14% to 19% of the GDP. From this perspective, the public procurement sector can help the economy be innovative, resource and energy-efficient, and socially inclusive. Academic research can help diagnose and improve how procurement boosts sustainability, promotes innovation, protects human rights, and provides a secure institutional and legal environment.


The PhD forum offers an open scenario to discuss recent research in public procurement that addresses those societal challenges. The forum will bring together 12 PhD candidates from different disciplines and approaches grouped in four thematic sessions.
The forum will take place from 9:00 until 17:30 in four panel sessions: (I) Procurement & Industrial development, (ii) Procurement & civil society, (iii) Sustainability procurement, and (iv) innovative procurement.


Despite the earlier communication about a hybrid event, the Forum is now organized online due to recent COVID-19 measures that were announced by the Dutch government on 12 November and more recent UU policy in response to these measures. Online participation is very much welcomed.. The UUCePP extends an invitation to PhD candidates, researchers, practitioners, and those interested in joining the Forum. Please send an email to [email protected] to sign up.

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