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Procurement 2035 - "The American view"

29 juni 2017

Which changes is purchasing facing till 2035? This question stood at the core for Prof. Giunipero from Florida State University in a recent study with KPMG. Next week he is going to share some of the insights with us. Are we really facing the biggest change ever in procurement? And are the American expectations similar to the European ones? Here is a chance to find it out. We invite you for a public presentation of Larry Giunipero, who is visiting Twente in the context of our traditional summer school in advanced purchasing.

Larry Giunipero is one of the most prominent figures of American purchasing science and education, co-author of the most established purchasing text book and of many articles. He earned his PhD at Michigan State University and was nominated full professor in 1991. Since 2003 he holds the chair of Marketing & Supply Chain Management at Florida State University. Before, Larry worked for several years in industry as purchaser.

Time: Thursday, 29.06.2017, 10:00 – 12:00  presentation, afterwards you are invited for rolls and drinks; therefore please register with [email protected].

Location: University of Twente, Ravelijn Building, Hallenweg 17, 7522 Enschede, Netherlands (VIP room, right opposite to the main entrance of the Ravelijn building; the room can be found in Google maps)

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