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23 april 2018

Take your business to purpose-driven heights through digitization

Digitization and emerging technologies are transforming business commerce before our very eyes. They’re opening doors to stronger relationships. Deepening insights into supply chains. And enhancing our ability to make lasting, meaningful difference in the world.

Together, at SAP Ariba Live, we’ll uncover opportunities to make business-to-business buying and selling more productive and impactful than ever. Employing new tools and solutions that enhance our connections to one another and help us make fast, smart decisions that improve our economy, society, and environment, as well as our bottom lines.

Transformation within your organization is possible. Register now to join us in April at the RAI Amsterdam. Over the course of three days of engaging with your peers and other industry experts, you will:

  • Discover new solutions during hands-on presentations
  • Explore industry-specific challenges and solutions
  • Exchange insights and ideas with SAP Ariba experts
  • Discuss best practices with practitioners from the world’s leading brands
  • Dive deep into what purpose-driven procurement means
  • Network, network, network!

SAP Ariba innovations are rapidly making procurement simpler, smarter, and more sustainable than ever. Don’t miss the procurement event of the year as we continue to #MakeProcurementAwesome.

Register now!

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