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The changing value proposition of Purchasing

12 april 2018

From cost reduction to value added: Practitioners, Researchers and Students discuss the state of the art knowledge in Purchasing.

The following topics will be discussed during the event:

  • Mr. Siep Eilander: Central government related purchases | chairman NEV
  • Prof. Holger Schiele, University of Twente: Purchasing skills
  • Pitches from research and practice on the value proposition of purchasing

Three cases will be presented and discussed in break-out sessions:

  • Mr. Boris Fenneman (Teijin Aramid): Adding value through risk management
  • Mr. Martijn Bonte (Wehkamp) Adding value through integrating Marketing and Purchasing
  • Mr. Harald Joost (Phillips) Adding value through innovation in Purchasing?

Presentation of Books written by Master Students on the state of the art in Purchasing 2018

Please join us by registering before 1 March 2018. Attendance is free of charge.

Questions? Please e-mail: [email protected]

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