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University of Twente Purchasing Conference (UTPC) 2017

24 februari 2017

The University of Twente Purchasing Conference (UTPC) is an independent nonprofit organization, organized by a team of international, motivated and highly engaged students from the University of Twente. Under the heading “Come and meet the excellence”, this conference specifically explores the topics of purchasing and supply management. Participants of the UTPC have the chance of gaining state-of-the-art insights and the opportunity to meet with outstanding people in an international context, thereby extending their professional network.

The third edition of the UTPC will take place as a one-day event on February 24, 2017 and will be organized around the theme of risk management in purchasing. The official topic is: ‘Handling the unknown – Risk management in Purchasing’. Nowadays, organisations are operating in increasingly complex and uncertain environments with high risks of supply disruptions making purchasing an increasingly complex task. The environmental pressures and risks require companies to constantly and consequently analyse and reduce these risks. Risks are unforeseen, so how do you handle the unknown?

We welcome talented and highly motivated students as well as young professionals, corporates and academics from all around the world with an interest in purchasing and supply management. Speeches given by CEOs, CPOs and partners of well-known corporations providing insights about risk management in purchasing. Furthermore, participants can show their talent while working on interesting business cases provided during workshops by the sponsoring organizations and attend our career fair to connect to representatives of top-notch companies to establish contacts for their future career. Several interview options with companies will be offered giving participants the chance to discuss about possible job and internship opportunities. At the same time, young professionals, corporates and academics have exclusive access to our networking lounge.

Altogether, the conference offers several networking breaks in order to provide all participants with the opportunity to become acquainted with each other, have inspiring talks and make valuable contacts. The UTPC concludes with a get together lounge enabling discussion amongst all participants, inviting them to share their opinion about business impact and the conference.

For application please visit our website.

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