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YPP CPO event

20 maart 2018

We proudly present our first event for 2018: the YPP CPO event. In a college tour setting CPO’s from leading companies in the Netherlands will share their perspective on the role of CPO, provide insight in the challenges they face, elaborate on their vision on the future of procurement and will answer your professional, personal, or career related questions. This event provides you with the opportunity to learn about their professional achievements and ask their advice on how to become one of the future procurement leaders. Ask your question and get inspired!

Air Traffic Control the Netherlands
The CPO event will be hosted by Air Traffic Control the Netherlands. ATC-NL is probably best known for the Air Traffic Control tower at Schiphol Airport but there is so much more… ATC-NL is responsible for ensuring that all aircraft movements in Dutch airspace occur safely. With Air Traffic Controllers working 24/7 to ensure that planes maintain sufficient distance to one another, and can safely land and take-off. This event will include a tour to give you a first-hand insight of the work of an Air Traffic Controller.

Date(s) – 20/03/2018
2:45 pm – 7:00 pm

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