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Textron eyes next IPOs

Toward the end of last month. Joseph C. Sponholz. Textron’s director of globalization. traveled to India for a two-week industrial reconnaissance mission with Textron’s newly named vice-president of sourcing for India. MK Sathya. While various Textron business units are already sourcing in India?primarily engineering services?Textron thinks the time may be ripe for an international procurement office (IPO) that would give the corporation ready access to India’s low-cost manufacturing capabilities as well.

“I had heard that India’s manufacturing infrastructure is less well developed than Central and Eastern Europe’s. but perhaps similarly mature to what we’ve seen so far in China. We went over there to see for ourselves. first hand.”

The Sponholz mission to India is part of a concerted effort by Textron to globalize. where appropriate. its business units’ manufacturing and sourcing activities. The company has a fully staffed IPO in Rzesz

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